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SPD is an abbreviation of Spray Pyrolysis Deposition which is a versatile and effective technique to deposit functional thin films. Spray pyrolysis has been applied to deposit a wide variety of thin films. These films were used in various devices such as solar cells, sensors, display panels, and solid oxide fuel cells.



Azzota Scientific is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment & instruments based in Delaware and Florida, United States. We have a full network of distributors throughout the world.

Azzota Scientific and its employees are committed to company values in customer service, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, accuracy, trustworthiness and integrity

Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co.,Ltd.


Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise,specialized in R&D,manufacturing and sales of peristaltic pump,syringe pump and other fluid precision transfer equipment.With rich technical force,excellent technological process,well corporate reputation,outstanding product quality,Shenchen constantly research and develop advance technology product,provide whole fluid solution program for customers.”Shenchen team” is a high-qualified ,young and innovative team,possess research engineer,application engineer,and professional sales and service team.

Perfect Laser Co., Ltd. (China)

Perfect Laser

Perfect Laser offers solutions for laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching, laser marking.

Lascar Electronics (HK) Ltd.


Since 1977, Lascar Electronics has been providing digital display, data logging and custom instrumentation solutions to customers across the world.

Apogee instrument.


Apogee Instruments mission is to help you make better measurements. This means more than just creating and selling research-grade sensors at an excellent price. It involves understanding your needs, supplying solutions, and providing the world-class support you need to succeed no matter the size of your project.

EMIN Holding Pte Ltd


Testing and measuring every thing

– Multimeters
– Clamp Meter
– Phase Indicator, Detector
– Multi , Function Tester/Meter
– InfraRed Thermometer
– Insulation Tester
– Power Quality Analyzer
– Leakage current tester
– Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester
– Light meters
– Options, & Accessories.

Tinius Olsen


Tinius Olsen is the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and/or compression materials testing machines. Tinius machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material’s strength and performance. Using Tinius Olsen equipment it is possible to perform such tests on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food as well as finished components. A whole series of tests are available including tension, shear, compression, flex / bend, puncture / burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, friction, stiffness, heat distortion temperature, Vicat penetration, and torsion.

All such tests are designed and implemented by Tinius Olsen in accordance with key international testing standards including ISO, ASTM, EN, GOST, GB and other industrial standards.


  • Tensile and compression
  • Hardness
  • Pendulum impact
  • Melt flow indexers
  • Heat distortion and vicat
  • Civil engineering



EDIBON offers the most advanced worldwide technology in the field of engineering and technical teaching equipment. Many of Edibon teaching techniques and equipment are “unique” and are EDIBON registered trademarks.


  • Physics
  • Electronic
  • Communication
  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Mechatronics, Automation & Compumechatronics
  • Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Process Control
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Food & Water Technology
  • Environment
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