In-vitro Diagnostics


Diasorin, Italy

DiaSorin is a global leader in the field of biotechnologies. For over 40 years the company has been developing, producing and marketing reagent kits for in vitro diagnostics worldwide.
Its line of products used by diagnostic laboratories that are part of hospital facilities or operate independently (private diagnostic services laboratories) can meet the needs of the following clinical areas: infectious diseases, cardiac markers, bone metabolism, hepatitis and retrovirus, oncology and endocrinology.

Rapigen, South Korea

RapiGEN INC. keep growing in the vitro diagnostic industry based on new products. The products are used with black gold particle which is developed by RapiGEN. Black gold particle can get high specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility of results, can comparable to EIA, IF and high end technology.
RapiGEN keep trying to develop new items using with black gold particle which is not incarnated by previous technology of rapid test kit until now.

MP Biomedicals, USA

For more than 25 years, MP Biomedicals has provided In-Vitro Diagnostics Solutions to hospitals and clinical laboratories worldwide. With ISO-certified and FDA-approved manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the globe, we are committed to providing superior products delivered when and where needed.

Qiagen, Germany

QIAGEN’s broad range of consumables includes complete kits for predefined applications in sample preparation and analysis and also individual enzymes and reagents that research laboratories can use to develop their own applications. For example, the QIAGEN portfolio includes dozens of tests to detect dangerous pathogens such as influenza, hepatitis, HIV and tuberculosis. In addition, the GeneGlobe web portal offers scientists access to over 60,000 tests for analyzing individual genes in various species. QIAGEN consumables represent outstanding quality, reliability and comparability of results.

Nano Ditech Corporation

Founded in 2002, Nano-Ditech Corp specializes in the development and manufacture of high quality rapid immuno-diagnostic products to serve the point-of-care market place including medical professionals, physicians, clinical laboratories and hospitals. We focus on rapid POCT immunoassays for the detection of drugs of abuse, inflamation and cardiac markers in the emergency department. Nano-Ditech’s key workforce has extensive experience in the IVD industry and utilizes their experience to satisfy customer needs by ensuring the highest level of product quality.

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